Corey Lactones

Improvement and Expansion in Production leads to cost effectivity for Corey Lactone Production

Over the last few months, MainPlus Chemicals has been working hard on it’s Corey Lactone portfolio and we’ve managed to bring another production facility online and this offers us and our clients very significant cost benefits.
Corey Lactone Flower
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Business Areas

MainPlus Chemicals Ltd. specializes in three areas:

plus Supply of APIs and Pharmaceutical Intermediates

We offer the customer competitive pricing, with no unnecessary intermediaries, and direct access to the factory, which facilitates discussion of documentation and analysis. We can also prepare full documentation packages.

We can also offer development of APIs and final intermediates, from initial synthesis through to validation and registration.

(These products are offered subject to patent restrictions in your territory: it is the responsibility of the client to ensure compliance)

APIs and Intermediates

plus Fine Chemicals:

We offer a range of Fine Chemicals for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and biocidal applications.

Fine Chemicals

plus Chemicals for Cosmetics:

We offer an interesting range of products for Cosmetic Production direct from the producers.

Cosmetic Chemicals

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List of Patent Expiries

We have added a summary list of APIs which are currently or soon coming off patent.

This list is intended to assist in strategic planning for new productions and to give an overview of up-coming activity in the generic market.

Having a proper overview of the market and being aware of which types of products competing generic producers may be targetting gives really advantages in marketing and sales of new products. It also helps with future choices of the best products to follow-up and examine in more detail.

We’ve put together a list of products just coming off-patent now and in the next few years, it’s meant to be indicative and not exhaustive.

It should not be relied on as a full and flawless list but may be used to give a general feel for the changing face of the generic market in the up-coming years.

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient Patent Expiries

New Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Intermediates Available

MainPlus Chemicals is now able to supply the following products, these are available direct from the factory. We have created full data sheets for these products:

Please click on the above links to find out more information about these products.